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At Trask & Howell, we work hard so we can give back

All lawyers work hard and the lawyers at Trask & Howell are no exception. We want the best results for our clients at the lowest cost. What distinguishes Trask & Howell lawyers is what we do at the end of the day: We give back.

Son Trask

Most people know Harold "Son" Trask as a tenacious lawyer and former Chairman of the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission. What most people don't know is how Son spends his time away from work - he commits his time and resources to helping children around the world have clean water and the promise of a better future. Son has traveled from Haiti to Honduras to Uganda working hands-on with the worlds' most vulnerable young people. He is committed to making the world a better place for them all, one by one. To learn more about the Lamb Institute, World Vision, and the Palmetto Medical Initiative visit: http://www.worldvision.org ; http://www.lambinstitute.org ; and http://www.palmettomedical.org

Son is heading to Honduras again in January and Uganda in March. He and his group in Honduras will be working at a children's home doing construction and participating in activities with the children. Hope to have new pictures upon his return!

 Pictures from March 2014



Harold "Son" Trask and his trip to Uganda 2010

Harold Trask Uganda Trip Harold Trask Uganda Trip 2010





Harold "Son" Trask and his recent trip for the Palmetto Medical Initiative in August 2010.

Harold Trask  Palmetto Medical Initiative Harold Trask Palmetto Medical Initiative photograph 

Roy Howell

By day, Roy Howell is one of South Carolina's hardest working lawyers. By night, Roy is the father of Roy, Taylor , and Virginia - not to mention a sports fanatic. Roy shares his work ethic and love of life by coaching youth baseball and basketball for the past 10 years. "Emphasizing the value of hard work and sportsmanship prepares young people for the challenges of the world," says Roy. He enjoys his own game of basketball and watching his beloved College of Charleston Cougars and served on the Board of the Cougar Club for 4 years. Roy is active in the Catholic Church serving as a lector and Eucharistic minister. He currently serves on the Finance Committee and the Committee for Institutional Advancement at Bishop England High School. He is currently the President for the SC Workers' Compensation Educational Association and past Co-Chairman of their Medical Seminar Planning Committee.

Kirsten Barr

Her tenacity in the courtroom makes it easy to forget that Kirsten is the mother of two young children, Edward and Harriet. Kirsten excels in a traditionally male-dominated field; however, she realizes the value of having strong female role models throughout her formative years. In an effort to encourage the younger generation to embrace their own dreams, Kirsten makes time to volunteer at her children's school library every Friday afternoon. In addition, Kirsten is one of the founding members of the Porter-Gaud School Girls Leadership Conference, which seeks to educate girls from grade 1 through 12 in areas of personal finance, body image, and public speaking. Kirsten also serves on the Porter Gaud Parents' Guild Executive Committee and is a member of St. Philip's Church.

As a result of her volunteer efforts for the Historic Charleston Foundation, Kirsten was inducted into the Frances R. Edmunds Society. Through membership in the Frances R. Edmunds Society, the Foundation seeks to recognize those volunteers and homeowners who serve as role models by going the extra mile and then some. They rise above the pack when met with a challenge, all the while maintaining a positive attitude. Like Mrs. Edmunds herself, they set an example for others to follow.

Jamie Guerrero

Jamie has been coaching T-ball for a number of years and now has the opportunity to coach his son's team.

Jamie Guerrero and his son, Graham