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Medical Benefits

Workers' Compensation Defense Attorneys

In South Carolina, the employer must authorize the selection of the treating physician and has the right to generally control the employee's medical treatment. The employer is required to provide medical, surgical, hospital and other treatment in accordance with the requirements of the Workers' Compensation Commission. At Trask & Howell, L.L.C., our attorneys represent employers and insurance carriers in all issues pertaining to medical benefits and workers' compensation claims.

Maximum Medical Improvement

It is in the best interest of the employer and carrier to provide such medical treatment so that maximum medical improvement may be reached as quickly as possible. The concept of "maximum medical improvement" is one of the most important concepts in South Carolina workers' compensation claims. The date of maximum medical improvement generally means the date by which an employee's injury has stabilized, with or without additional medical treatment. This date has come to signal the point at which temporary disability compensation should end and the issue of entitlement to benefits for permanent impairment or permanent disability should be addressed.

Understanding Medical Benefits

Our lawyers provide high-quality, cost-effective advice regarding medical and legal issues in South Carolina workers' compensation cases. We have extensive experience in the techniques and strategies of workers' compensation defense. At Trask & Howell, L.L.C., we provide the creative solutions and sound guidance necessary to get our clients the best results at the lowest cost.