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Settlement of a Claim

South Carolina Workers' Compensation Defense Attorneys

An effective plan for settling claims is an important part of an overall workers' compensation strategy. At Trask & Howell, L.L.C., our experienced lawyers represent South Carolina employers, carriers, and self-insurance funds in a wide range of workers' compensation matters, including the ways in which workers' compensation claims can be settled. With decades of experience in workers' compensation defense, we can help you find the most cost-effective way to resolve outstanding claims.

The Settlement of a Claim

Article 8 of South Carolina's Workers' Compensation Regulations deals exclusively with settlement procedures and the requirements that must be met by the affected parties. Essentially, there are two methods by which a workers' compensation claim can be settled. Under the first, the parties agree to a certain number of weeks of compensation to settle any outstanding claims for permanent impairment or permanent disability. This is known as a Form 16 settlement. The second method, known as the clincher or Final Lump Sum Agreement and Final Release, forecloses any future claims for benefits, including claims based upon a change of condition or wrongful termination, and claims for any unknown consequences of the accident.

The Merits of a Claim

At Trask & Howell, L.L.C., we have substantial experience in claims litigation. We work hard to provide our clients with value. Whether pursuing litigation, an appeal or a settlement, we have the experience and skill to give you the efficient advice you need to make sound decisions. We communicate regularly with our clients throughout the process to ensure that they have the detailed information they need. Contact us to speak with our experienced professionals.

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