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Temporary Disability Workers’ Compensation

Workers' Compensation Defense Lawyers in South Carolina

There are many legal requirements regarding temporary total and temporary partial compensation. The obligations of the employer/carrier are dependent on the specific circumstances of the claim. At Trask & Howell, L.L.C., our knowledgeable attorneys assist employers, carriers and self-insurance funds with all legal matters pertaining to claims for temporary compensation.

Temporary Disability Compensation

Temporary disability compensation may be instituted under the terms of an agreement or it may be ordered by the Workers' Compensation Commission. Depending on the situation, the timing and reporting requirements surrounding temporary disability compensation will vary. Whether you have been ordered to pay temporary disability compensation or you are seeking to negotiate an acceptable payment, our firm has the experience and skill to help you handle all claims for temporary disability compensation.

Suspension or Termination of Temporary Disability Compensation

Failure to comply with Commission procedure for suspending and/or terminating temporary disability compensation benefits can result in a 25 percent penalty computed on the amount of benefits wrongfully withheld. It is important to understand when such benefits may be suspended or terminated before taking action.

From representing you in hearings concerning denied claims for temporary disability compensation to the settlement of claims after a work-related injury or occupational disease, our firm offers the efficient and cost-effective service you need. When a claim is in litigation, we provide regular, detailed legal analysis to ensure that you always have the information you need.